Published March 15, 2021

Summit Inspires Church to Petition to Pass Bill to Criminalize Child Marriage in Malawi

When Flood Church founder, Sean Kampondni, attended The Global Leadership Summit in Malawi, he was inspired to look beyond the impact that could be made in his congregation alone—he began to also look for ways to ignite transformation in his entire country.

The Global Leadership Summit means transformation for my country.

“It was not uncommon to find girls around the country being married off at the age of 12 or 11, some even as young as 9 years old,” said Sean. “It infuriated me. And the fact that there were laws that allowed this to happen broke my heart.”

What happened next inspired a campaign lead by the church to end child marriage in Malawi. As a result, they were able to petition to pass a bill to criminalize child marriage—now girls for generations to come can experience freedom.

Watch what happened in Malawi as a result of The Global Leadership Summit:

“I went to The Global Leadership Summit, and the pastor spoke strongly—It’s not just your congregation that you minister to, but your nation,” said Sean. “So, we came back from that Summit with the idea that God had called us as a church community to ignite transformation for not just the girls we saw around us, but for girls whose names we would not know. We knew that if we did something for the country, it would ignite transformation not just in our generation, but for generations to come.”

“The Global Leadership Summit means transformation for my country,” Sean continued. “We wouldn’t have even been able to begin to think this was possible until we went to The Global Leadership Summit.”


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